Extended Day: Afternoon Enrichment

Parents and children both LOVE afternoon enrichments—they’re a great way to extend the ECC school day while exposing children to new concepts and activities. This programming is optional for our three and four year olds and includes a variety of activities—i.e. art, Legos, cooking, dance, music, science, architecture, board games, sports, and more—helping them to build new interests that can be carried forward for years to come.

View a sample of enrichment class offerings for our 3s classes and 4s classes.

Fours who enroll in extended days (offered Mondays- Thursdays) stay from 11:45am–2:30pm, which includes time for lunch (brought from home or purchased at school), rest, free play, and an enrichment activity.  Threes who enroll in extended days (offered Tuesdays-Thursdays) stay from 12:00pm-2:00pm.

Please note: The ECC is an allergy aware/nut-free zone, so all food provided by or brought into the school must adhere to this policy. We are also a kosher-style facility, therefore pork and shellfish products are not permitted. Additionally, we have worked with a registered dietitian to select healthy snack and lunch options to serve each day.